Teambuilding & accompanying activities

GM5 company conducts trainings, workshops, teambuilding, outdoor management traiding, events, corporate and sports days, motivational events or field meetings.

In the program menu you will find, among other things:

Paintball Archery

Adrenaline shooter with dull arrows and a number of inflatable obstacles.


The basic denominator of the program is entertainment, exaggeration and, of course, the team and sports performances of the participants. The GM5 Olympics has many forms and mutations, and in many cases sports are designed exactly according to the company's focus.

Escape from Alcatraz

Participants in the adventure program are preparing a mass escape from the dreaded Alcatraz prison. Their "fellow prisoner" Mason prepared an escape plan, but under mysterious circumstances he disappeared, leaving only the perfect plans for this daring venture. However, Mason was known for his riddles and ciphers, so prisoners will not have it easy on the path to freedom. The program can be realized for up to 300 participants and connected with the composed evening.

Fort Boyard

The motivation of the interactive program is the well-known competition from the 90s. Groups of participants are looking for a maximum of clues that would lead them to one password. This password opens the gate to the second round, the Boyard collection site. Everyone wins, but only the best are decorated as winners. The program can be set in many variants, from simple accessories to generous production in disguises.

Portáš decathlon

The program will acquaint the participants with the already forgotten initiation rituals and activities of the average day "Portáša - the guardian of the mountains" or "Hanácký obránca gronto". Decathlon is a show of traditional competitions and activities that are designed to appeal to all types of participants (movement, logic, team, communication, etc.).

The path of the knight

The motivation of the interactive program is the effort of young nobles to gain the so-called "Knight's Spurs". Participants are divided into teams, whose goal is to obtain the maximum of knightly virtues in a defined time. According to the success of the group, glees in three categories (gold, silver and bronze) are handed over in the end. The program is attractive for its historical backdrop, which can be enhanced by period costumes, a selection of activities and activities long past.

Gold Rush, Klondike

Non-traditional activities await the participants of the program, which are based on the traditional activities of prospectors at the end of the 19th century. The joy of finding golden scales in a pan, the skill activities and the atmosphere of adventure.

Wine Academy or the way to the cellar and back

At the beginning of the program, participants are either divided into three social classes or only receive a financial amount until the beginning of the game. The basic attribute of the evening is the fun and gain of chips. The game zone consists of a mobile casino and other fun activities (throwing a cork stopper to the target, stretching with a costume, wine tasting, etc.). The length of the program is designed for 3-4 hours.

Once Upon a Time in the West

At the beginning, the participants of the western evening randomly draw their membership in the social class. The higher the class, the more benefits await the ticket holder. Each participant, according to their class, receives funds for the game in a mobile casino or can spend them for a drink in a bar. The program also includes additional activities, such as a laser shooting range, lasering, a knife throw, whiskey and bourbon tasting or a token throw at the target. The length of the program is designed for 3-4 hours.

Mafia or someone likes it hot

At the beginning of the evening program, each participant receives a special ID card that defines his role in the subliminal game. The evening has its standard course, but at regular intervals the moderator informs the participants about the number of "dead" and those who were accused in a public vote of murder and belonging to a secret group of mafia killers. There is a short discussion, the defending speech of the accused, voting and identifying those who are already in the position of "ghosts". The overall design of the evening can be supplemented by other stands and activities that frame the evening until the 1930s into the mafia environment.

Medieval fair

The production of the program includes almost everything - decoration, staff clothing, selected food and music. Each of the participants has the opportunity to buy experiences and services for the allocated amount of imaginary currency.